Hot Crews
4419 Ardmore Avenue
Fort Wayne, IN 46809-9722
Phone: (260) 420-2739
Fax: (260) 423-6173
Toll Free: (800) 852-1371
We are located at 4419 Ardmore Avenue in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Get directions to our plant.
For any questions and concerns, please give us a call at (800) 852-1371, or fill out our contact form.
Hot Crews, Inc., is a refractory contractor providing refractory sales and service to Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and the Midwest. 
We provide turn-key installations, refractory maintenance, rebuilds and retrofits, dry-outs, tear-outs, demolition, precast custom shapes, and bake-out for precast items, shotcrete, and gunite.  We also supply refractory materials, high-temperature flooring for molten metal spills (concrete replacement), furnace evaluations, and heat/thermal gradient transfers.
From small furnace repairs to complete relines, we service heat treat, Cupola, wood-burning boiler, afterburner, AJAX, INDUCTOTHERM, ABP, tundish, and coreless or channel induction electric furnaces, kilns, and molten metal transfer ladles.
At Hot Crews, we strive to make sure every project is completed safely, on time, and with the highest-quality installation, all at a very competitive price.  Our vast 80,000 sq.ft. warehouse provides an optimal environment for relining furnaces.
To learn more about the refractory services and materials we offer, please visit the About Us page, our FAQ section, or contact us.  See our 80,000 sq. ft. warehouse with 13 bridge cranes and equipment in action.
Contact Hot Crews contractors today to learn more about our refractory materials and services, and furnace installation in Fort Wayne, Indiana.